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Smart Hub

  • Pay your bill

  • Set up automatic bank draft

  • View billing and payment history

  • Monitor kWh usage


If you put in a heat pump or added LED lights to your home or business you could qualify for a rebate from Tri-state or SECPA.  

capital credits

Capital Credits represent each member’s ownership of the cooperative. They are the margins credited (or allocated) to the members of the cooperative based on their electricity from the cooperative in previous years.


 These margins are used by the cooperative as capital to operate the business for a period of time.


Electric Cooperatives are member owned and not-for-profit organizations.  We value being a part of the community we serve.

Our Mission Statement

Our Primary Mission is to provide high quality, reliable, electric service at a reasonable cost to our members, improve their quality of life through new technologies and services, be a visible and active member of the community, and serve our members with respect, courtesy, and responsiveness.

We Believe

Southeast Colorado Power Association's leadership and strength can only be improved through planning, goal setting and constant renewal. We add value to our members' products and services through cooperation with our members, partnership with our communities, and participation in the programs and activities of our trade allies. Southeast Colorado Power Association must provide the best service possible through the assimilation of new technologies and top quality equipment. We must maintain Southeast Colorado Power Association as a progressive, professional service organization of high integrity providing a valued service which helps our membership enjoy a high quality of life. We will perform our mission and beliefs with dedication and integrity.

We are:

  • A member owned, not-for-profit electric utility
  • Proudly serving Southeast Colorado for 85 years
  • Part of the community we serve

Participation in Board Meetings

Board meetings are held once a month and as a member you can participate.  Please fill out the participation request form (below) and submit it 14 calendar days prior to the board meeting date. 

Meeting Minutes for 2023

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