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a copy of a customer's bill used as an example
  1.  Account number:  Each member has a unique account number, which is printed here.

  2. SVC From and SVC To:  These are the dates for which you are being billed for your electric service.

  3. Rate:  The cost per kilowatt-hour for electricity.   More information about the different rates available can be found in the "Rates & Polcies" section of

  4. Map Location:  The description of the Township, Range, Section, and Grid which helps locate your account on the map.

  5. Meter Number:  This is your meter number.  Meter numbers can be located directly on the Power meter, just underneath the kilowatt hours.

  6. Prev Read and Pres Read:  These two areas show the reading on your meter at the beginning and the end of this bill’s cycle. Subtracting the former from the later gives SECPA the amount of electricity you used during the month.

  7. Multiplier:  Used to calculate actual usage for meters that register only a portion of kilowatts-hours used.

  8. KWH Used:  This is the amount of electricity measured in kilowatt-hours that you have used in the past month. This total is the present month minus the previous month.

  9. KW Demand:  Largest electrical use or highest “demand” for electricity averaged in any 15 minute period per billing period. Measured in kW (kilowatts). Charge is calculated based on cost per kW used.

  10. Access Charge and KWH Charge:  The cost associated with maintance and production of electricity.  KWH Charge is the total amount of energy used during the month (measured in killowatt-hours.)

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