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Prepare and Have a Plan

(Otero County, CO) -- Otero County Sheriff Shawn Mobley wants residents to be prepared ahead of Thursday's expected severe weather.

In a briefing with the National Weather Service, Sheriff Mobley says county officials were told to be ready for high winds, hail, and possibly tornadoes.

"We're expecting the same, possibly more severe weather than we did yesterday, in which parts of the county experienced some pretty significant sized hail, winds some flash flooding, and so forth. I would certainly expect more of that this evening." Mobley said.

Mobley advises staying home if you can but if you must be out, do not drive into standing water. "If you see standing water in low-lying areas, try to go around those if you can. There are other areas in the county where we see pretty deep water on the roadways on the streets themselves. Just a couple of inches can cause you to hydroplane or stall out your vehicle."

Mobley also cautioned against going into the river when it's as high as it is now. He said they just want to keep people safe.

If you do find yourself needing help, call 911.


Anne Boswell,


Here are some additional resources to help you stay safe in severe weather during the storm and after from our partners at Safe

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