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McClave Schools Ask Bent County to Consider A Community Center for the East End

(Las Animas, CO) -- Representatives of the McClave School District went before the Bent County Board of Commissioners to ask for consideration of a agreement that would have the county take over a portion of the school building for its use.

It comes on the heels of a bond measure that passed in November to build a new K through 12th grade school for the community of McClave.

The district will apply for a BEST grant, which provides funds from the state to BEST construct new schools as well as general construction and renovation of existing school facility systems and structures. There is a matching requirement of the district receiving the funds. McClave is facing a deadline of February 6th in order to secure the money needed to build the new school.

The district drafted and sent an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding to commissioners showing their wish to buy property for the new school that is now being used for the Bent County East End Road and Bridge office. McClave is asking the county to consider swapping this piece of land in exchange for the land where the current school is located. The district also expressed a desire in the MOU that they would transfer the ownership of the existing school so that it could be turned into a community center.

Bent County Commissioner Jean Sykes told the crowd that the county attorney would need to address the proposal, the MOU and the IGA, Intergovernmental Agreement before she could make a decision.

The county will be meeting the week between Christmas and New Year to see what can be done on the request.


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