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Drivers Share Concerns with CSP, Aggressive Driving Tops the List

(The following is a news release from the Colorado State Patrol)

(COLO) – In October 2022, the Colorado State Patrol opened its biennial public opinion survey to ask members of the community “how are we doing”. The purpose of the online survey was to receive direct feedback from motorists and community members to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in Patrol services and calls for support. The survey also asks how people feel about traveling on Colorado’s highways as well as about the professionalism, fairness and communication provided by Colorado State Patrol members.

According to the over 2,100 respondents, questions related to professionalism (84%) and treating all people fairly under the law (81%) had the highest responses in favorability. While the lowest scores surrounded concerns about highway and interstate safety. They also weighed in on specific areas in which they would like to see more enforcement efforts.

Question: In what areas would you like to see more effort/enforcement by the Colorado State Patrol?


Aggressive/Reckless Driving


Distracted Driving




Impaired Driving


Traffic Management


Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety


Roadside Assistance


Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety

Based on these responses, the public will be assured to know that Troopers continue to take a low tolerance approach to several violations while promoting their yearlong “Stay in Your Lane” campaign. This educational and enforcement campaign is designed to remind people to control their lane position based on their current driving environment. This campaign also aims to bring attention to three of the most common and avoidable behaviors that contribute to lane violations – driving aggressively, driving distracted and driving while impaired.

Survey results did show a connection between the visibility and accessibility of troopers and how connected and supported a survey respondent felt about the Patrol. As announced in December of 2022, the Colorado State Patrol is presently making changes to the operations of their Academy to increase the number of troopers they train and deploy across the State while not negatively impacting the quality of training and desired professionalism.

Survey respondents were able to answer questions specific to their type of interaction providing feedback to the Patrol’s Port of Entry Branch (Commercial Motor Vehicles) and Communications Branch (emergency dispatch).

The Port of Entry scores were most positive on clear communication and clearance times with the top reason for visiting the Ports being for Port clearance or inspections. Similar to contact with a Trooper, the more significant the consequence of their interaction (e.g. a citation) the lower the score.

For the survey respondents that dialed CSP for emergency dispatch assistance, the scores were generally positive in the areas of professionalism and helpfulness. Those individuals who dialed in to report unsafe road conditions rated the interaction the lowest.

For complete survey results, visit the Colorado State Patrol website - 2022 Public Opinion Survey Results - CLICK HERE


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