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Economic Development

Rural Economic Loan Program

Southeast Colorado Power Association wishes to assist the community by establishing a Rural Economic Development Loan program to help make available funds to provide a loan source for the general development of our community.

Southeast Colorado Power Association will accept and consider applications for loans from the "REDL" for projects that will significantly benefit rural area. Funds from the "REDL" program are intended to serve as seed money to promote economic development. Southeast Colorado Power Association will work with local lenders and others to maximize leverage of the "REDL" dollars so that the result is the maximum possible economic development. It is the further intent of Southeast Colorado Power Association to use the "REDL" program to supplement, but not compete with, capital that may already exist within the communities.

A photo of the theater in Eads, Colorado and the street.

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are available to consumers who have questions about their electric bill or want to find ways to be more energy efficient. Energy audits are free, and will be arranged at your convenience at any home/business served by our co-op. We also loan consumers a device that determines the amount it costs to run any 120-volt appliance.

Laptop Charger

What Are Your Appliances Consuming?

With the Kill A Watt electricity usage monitor, you can discover how much electricity your household appliances consume and which appliances continue to consume electricity even when turned off (phantom loads). Simply plug the Kill A Watt monitor into any household outlet and plug your appliance into the Kill A Watt and the monitor will display how much electricity is being consumed, regardless of whether the appliance is turned on or off. The Kill a Watt display will count electricity consumption by the kilowatt hour (kwh) enabling you to calculate your electrical operating costs by the day, week, month, even an entire year. Members can borrow the Kill A Watt monitor from the Cooperative free of charge for 14 days. Simply stop by your local SECPA office, call 800-332-8634 to "check-out" a Kill A Watt monitor for use in your home for a two week period.

Give A Gift Certificate of Credit on a SECPA account

There's no better gift than a practical one for a friend or family member who really needs it.  You can give the gift of credit on a bill.  

Colorado Country Life

Keep up with Southeast Colorado Power news by reading the monthly edition of Colorado Country Life Magazine, published by the Colorado Rural Electric Association, Inc. You can find information about what's going on with SECPA, feature stories, tips, recipes, and so much more.

Photos of wild sunflowers on a country road with the sunrise behind them

Colorado Country Life-Downloadable Editions

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