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It's Changing....

The way we communicate is changing.  When polled by the Pew Research group, more than 80 percent of people reported they rely only on social media to get news and information.

While we are not a news media agency, we have important information about our member services to pass along to you.  And we will have stories of local interest to pass along to you from time to time.  Be sure and visit us here to read more. 

We are glad you are here on our website and want to invite you to connect in the way that suits you.  We are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Of course you can also reach out to us below.

Let us know how we can improve.  Thank you for letting us serve you as your electric cooperative in Southeast Colorado.

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Contact us

We welcome any questions you have about Southeast Colorado Power. Email us by clicking the envelope icon below.  

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